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The Key to Engaging Millennial Talent – an Employee Giving Campaign That Works

March 17, 2016

There isn’t a major corporation out there that isn’t trying to recruit and retain top millennial talent. Creating a culture that connects with this pivotal demographic is an important component to creating a millennial-friendly workplace.

If you’re in charge of the workplace giving or employee giving campaign, creating an initiative that engages this group specifically can bolster its success. Here’s why:

  1. They’re connected.

The generation born after 1980 are looking to make a real impact in their communities. More than ninety percent of those surveyed in the Millennial Impact Project gave to nonprofit organizations in the past year. They care about the organizations they support. They’re digitally connected, and spend an incredible amount of time on their phones. A Pew Research study showed that ¾ of millennials sleep with their cell phones. They also gain more information and recommendations from social networks than any other demographic.

  1. They want work-life integrations.

Millennials are seeking positions that allow them to integrate their life with their 9-5. Replacing the old mantra of work-life balance, the work-life integration concept starts with the understanding that you are constantly connected to your job, friends, family and life. Millennials get this concept. They want to align with organizations that allow them to feel connected to what’s important to them.

If you are trying to engage your employees in your workplace giving campaign, start with making a few adjustments to make sure you’re tapping into what millennials look for from their employers.

  1. Get on Mobile

Leverage an existing mobile platform that allows your employees to give to your corporate giving campaign with just a couple of screen taps. Burdensome paperwork can turn employees off, and minimize impact. If it’s easy to support your campaign, you’ll raise more money. Make sure any mobile platform you use is cost efficient and easy to use and integrate into existing systems.

 Use Social

If millennials are looking for their information on social, it’s important your mobile capabilities harness the power of social networks allowing donors to easily share information and updates socially. Posts like, “I just donated $20 to send a kid to camp this week! Our department has raised the most money this week! Join me and support Company X’s giving campaign!” can help drive engagement and further the reach of your cause. They can also create a friendly competition that may just help you go farther, faster with your campaign.

  1. Provide a Choice

Employees don’t want to be forced to support one organization. Millennials especially want to know the organization they’re supporting is doing work that they approve of. Providing a choice drives engagement. When people feel they are able to choose where their money goes, and at the same time allocate company money to the cause, they’ll be more invested in the campaign.

 All employees are important to the success of your employee giving campaign. It’s also true that if you engage millennials specifically, you’ll create an environment that fosters participation, which will ultimately lead to more money raised.

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