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4 ways to get Your Employees Engaged in Employee Giving

February 02, 2016

If you’re in charge of your organization’s workplace or employee giving program, you know it can be a chore to get people engaged throughout the year, much less one time a year. When team members are slammed with work all day, it can be tough to capture their attention. Employees also bring their own bias to any giving program. They may have been forced to give in other organizations or they may reject the idea of you identifying the cause they should care about. Here are four ways to get your employees engaged in a one-time employee giving initiative or a year-long giving program  your company’s workplace giving program.

  1. Give them a choice

Your employees likely have organizations that are important to them. Whether it’s animal rescue, hunger, or children’s charities – engaging them starts with allowing them to participate in a cause that’s important to them.  They’ll more likely to give and participate if they’re tied to the cause the initiative supports.

  1. Make it Easy

If you have employees who work remotely, travel frequently or spend a lot of time at client sites, it can be a challenge to collect their pledge forms or communicate with them through email. We are all bombarded with emails throughout the day. It’s likely yours will get lost in the shuffle, especially if they’re already wary of the initiative. 

It’s important to reach your employees in multiple ways and provide an easy way to donate. A mobile app can make it easy for remote employees to easily give to the campaign. Platforms with an employer code field can also make reporting and tracking easy for you on the back-end, without adding unneeded costs.  Every year, online and mobile giving drives more funds for nonprofits, but unfortunately, many corporate giving programs have yet to fully leverage the opportunity. 

  1. Show the Benefit

Communicating goals and the impact of a donation ties employees to the cause. Consider in person testimonials from suggested charities. Or, communicate what different levels of gifts can do for the recipient. For example, $20 can help pay for swim goggles and towels for a child in swim class. Five dollars can feed a family of four dinner from the local food bank. It can be difficult to tie team members to the cause, especially when they’re stuck in the office walls. Help bring them closer to identified charities through multiple communication avenues. They’ll be more informed when it comes time to give.

  1. Get social

 Leveraging social networks as part of your employee giving programs can help you drive engagement and attention for the company’s efforts. Social can be especially effective if you have a millennial workforce. This age group is more likely to share information with their social networks than any other demographic. They’re also more likely to garner information from social than any other platform. When you’re trying to build a company culture that cares about its communities, leveraging social can help you spread the word about the important work you do in the areas you serve.

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