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How to Get Your Peers Excited About Employee Giving

February 23, 2016

If you want to drive engagement in an employee giving campaign, you need to find several ways to get your team members excited about participating.  Here are ten easy ways you can get your peers excited about employee campaigns.

  1. 1. Offer Incentives

One of the best ways you can drive participation and excitement about your campaign is to offer incentives to participate. If you have a professional dress code, offer employees the option to wear jeans on a certain day if they donate. Perhaps you raffle off a free comp day or every week during the campaign you give away another prize (an iPad, gift cards, event tickets, or the parking space closest to the front door).

  1. 2. Get Creative

Asking for money isn’t easy, so broaden your scope. Give employees additional ways to participate in the campaign other than just simply sending money to the cause. Perhaps you do a pizza party and charge $5 for all you can eat. Or, you can rally your connections and do a silent auction. These events, bolstered by the standard donation from each employee, can create a buzz and help you reach your goals faster.

  1. 3. Make it Easy

Your peers aren’t going to take time to give if it isn’t easy. Instead, they’ll donate to causes outside the campaign that are easier to support. Provide a way for them to give easily, like a mobile giving app. A mobile app is effective because it allows employees to give at any time, at any place, with just a couple screen taps. With uBack, you can easily code donations by employee by creating a streamlined process on the backend that drives reporting efficiency.

 4Set Goals 

Goals drive action and create a rallying cry that motivates team members. Ensure your campaign has a goal and make sure the entire company knows what goals you’re trying to hit.

  1. 5. Give Them a Choice

Employees will be more excited about the campaign if they’re offered a choice. You want to ensure that they don’t feel forced to give and that they’re able to support causes that they’re most invested in. 

  1. 6. Show Them the Impact

One of the best things about an employee giving campaign is it ties a company to the community in which it serves. Corporate giving campaigns do a lot of good for multiple causes around the country. Make sure your peers know the impact that they’re having on important causes right in their backyard. Perhaps you bring someone in for a lunch ‘n’ learn testimonial. Or, schedule an on-site visit for team members at a local community organization that your company supports.

  1. 7. Get Competitive

Nothing drives excitement more than a little friendly competition. Launch a competition to see who can raise the most money between departments. Communicate the leaderboard throughout the competition to drive engagement and maybe a little friendly trash talking.

  1. 8. Provide a Match

Your peers may likely be giving at different levels. Providing a company match to any donation garners excitement because people are able to bolster their donation, creating more impact. 

  1. 9. Communicate Success

Make sure you’re communicating success throughout the campaign, not just at the end. If one department raised a lot of money in one day, for example, share that information with the rest of the organization. If your donations helped build a computer lab at a local school, make sure you’re showing pictures of that lab to your employees. Communicating success can go a long way in generating excitement and inspiring others to give.

  1. 10. Instill Giving Back into the Culture

Finally, the best way to get your peers excited about giving back is to instill it into the company culture. Make sure the company values and communicates the importance of giving back and supporting charitable organizations. If your peers feel like the company “has their back”, they’ll be more than excited to share their own support and dollars.

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