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What drives Betsy Mack, head of CSR for the Charlotte Hornets, to give back

August 08, 2017
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Betsy Mack is the director of corporate social responsibility for the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA team in Charlotte, N.C., and head of the Charlotte Hornets Foundation. It's her job to build strong ties with the Charlotte community, but it's also her passion.

Outside the office, she's the co-chair of Women United, the newly launched women's organization within the United Way of Central Carolinas, and the event co-chair of Classroom Central, which provides free school supplies to children living in poverty. (You can support both organizations via the uBack app!)

We wanted to know more about what motivates Betsy, in both her personal and professional lives. So as part of a new series we are launching on our blog called My Passion, My Purpose, we asked her a series of questions about who she is and why she gives. 

Who are you, in 3 words? Undefined by boundaries

As a kid, you wanted to be: The president! (Haha)

Your first 8 seconds of good: I first volunteered at a women’s shelter. Seeing the strength these women had was inspiring.

Your most recent 8 seconds of good:  My job allows me to have one almost every day! Most recently, helping to provide 8 kids with their dream experience through Make a Wish. Their smiles were contagious.

What good will you do next? Hopefully something with great impact. So to be continued…

Your passion: Business. Learning. Giving back. Mentorship. Connecting. Family. Friends.

Your purpose: Combining my passions to live a full life every day.

Who do you challenge next? Good friend, mentor and confidant, Tina Postel

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