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3 ways uBack's national expansion improves your giving campaign

July 14, 2017
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uBack just made it easier for corporations and donors to support their favorite nonprofits. Through our partnership with Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, we added hundreds of thousands of new nonprofits across the United States to our mobile giving platform.

What does that mean for you?

If you’re in charge of your employee giving program, uBack can connect your employees to thousands of nonprofits in your state and increase your local impact. Below are three ways we can help.

  1. Greater insight into employee trends and giving behavior

Our patent-pending technology empowers your employees to make an impact right from their phones. They can use our platform to document the time they spend volunteering in the community and the money they contribute. We track that data to give you a better picture of how and where your employees are getting involved. With access to critical data, we can transform your giving program and amplify your impact in the community.

  1. Increased employee engagement and retention

Research continually shows that today’s professional wants to work for organizations tied to a broader mission. We make it easy for employees to engage in giving back with our mobile platform. With an accessible and efficient mechanism to participate in a giving campaign, employees are further engaged, leading to increased productivity and retention in the workplace. 

  1. Options to choose the cause that’s right for you

We understand the importance of having options. With over 800,000 nonprofits registered on our platform, uBack makes it easy to find the causes you care about. Using our location tracker, you can search for a type of organization such as “arts” or “animals” to find a nonprofit doing important work right in your neighborhood. Create your own profile and save the organizations you care about so when you want to give again, it’s easier than ever.

We’re excited to continue our work transforming giving across America.

Contact us today! We can help with your fundraising goals.

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