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Why women are poised to change the world for good

March 09, 2017
Powerful woman

On March 8, International Women’s Day, we saw the world rally behind women. The theme was #BeBoldForChange, specifically the kind of change that will “help forge a better working world — a more inclusive, gender-equal world.”

There is loads of research now that proves a more gender-equal world is good for everyone, most notably businesses and the overall economy. But empowered women are also a boon to the philanthropic space.

Quite simply, that’s because women are more philanthropic than men.  The Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis has found that women give more than men in almost every income bracket — dispelling the notion that men are the only ones writing the big checks.

Experts have also found that women are driven to give more because of a desire to help others than their male counterparts, who tend to be motivated by logistics such as tax incentives.

In addition, there is a huge wealth transfer underway in this country, and as women outlive their spouses and continue to advance in the workplace, they stand to receive some $22 trillion in assets by 2020. More wealth for an already philanthropic demographic is good news for nonprofits. 

At uBack, we see women as a force to be reckoned with in the giving community. Both our co-founders are passionate, successful and driven women, who have assembled a leadership team that is two-thirds female. And many of our nonprofit and corporate partners have powerful women at the helm. 

The influence and impact of women around the world only stands to increase moving forward, and it’s important that nonprofits understand the role women play now and in the future, as well as what drives them to give, to maximize their potential impact.

In short, treat them like they’re going to write you a big check — because chances are, they will.

Want to #BeBoldForChange? Download uBack from the App Store or Google Play to support a women’s organization near you today.

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