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Our big idea for your company this holiday season

October 26, 2017

Hard to believe, but the holidays are almost upon us. Most companies use this time of year to say thanks — to their employers, their customers or both. This year, we've got an idea for you that goes beyond the standard Starbucks gift card. 


How to change the sad stats around volunteering

August 14, 2017

Are you up for a sobering statistic to start the week?


How uBack Can Help Your Charity Event - At No Cost

March 03, 2016

 Our Charity Partners Make the Most Out of uBack: 


Planning Your Next Charity Event – A Checklist for Success

December 22, 2015

Events are a vital revenue source for many charity organizations. If you want to meet your fundraising goal, every detail is important. Logistics can make or break a charity event, but so can the way you incorporate the “ask.” Don’t leave it to chance. Use our checklist for success when you’re planning your next fundraising event.


How to Make Your Golf Tournament Sponsors Happy

December 17, 2015

Charity golf tournaments can be great fundraisers for many organizations. With much of the overhead costs donated, nonprofits especially can earn much-needed funds with these tournaments. People don’t mind paying money for a fun afternoon of golf.

These events are also an effective way to fortify partnerships with sponsors. As you plan your event, consider this important question:

How are we making our participants aware of the corporate sponsorships on the day of the event?


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