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Tips for making the most of National Safety Month

June 12, 2017
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Photo Credit: National Safety Council

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Every June, safety really does come first.

Encourage your staff to celebrate the remaining few weeks of National Safety Month by taking time to protect themselves and others. Fresh out of volunteer ideas? Give the following three tips a try. From supporting local nonprofits to getting educated on health and safety, they can help you keep others safe and climb the Techweek Gives leaderboard.

 Show support

 Plenty of nonprofits are already caring for those in need, but there’s always a way to help by donating your time or money toward such causes. The Techweek Gives campaign has partnered with plenty of inspiring organizations, including Kids Off the Block, which is committed to reducing youth violence in and around Chicago, and Chicago Hopes for Kids, which supports children who are living in Chicago’s homeless shelters.

 Whether it’s volunteering at an event or sending a donation, rallying support of your staff will help promote safety and even foster stronger bonds within the office.

 Get educated

 Simple precautions can go a long way toward protecting your employees. According to the National Safety Council, 25 percent of emergency visits could be avoided with some basic first aid and CPR training. Get your staff up to speed on first aid procedures so that if disaster does strike, you’re prepared to handle it. Nonprofits like the American Red Cross regularly host CPR and AED training sessions all across the country.

 To help cover the cost of such sessions, welcome support from interested employees or make a company-wide donation. In addition to keeping your staff safe, these training sessions will also help fund American Red Cross operations.

Be prepared

One of the biggest threats facing your staff is the potential of a fire. In 2015, 501,500 structure fires caused 2,685 deaths, 13,000 injuries and $10.3 billion in property damage. Stay ahead of the problem by teaching your employees what to do in the event of a fire, both inside and outside the office. Organizations such as the U.S. Fire Administration offer a wide range of resources that can educate your staff on preventing and dealing with fires. Better yet, keep an eye out for local nonprofits that offer in-person fire safety training. Setting aside a few hours to get prepared for the worst case scenario can protect your employees while also helping nonprofits in the area.

With National Safety Month winding to a close, now is the time to start thinking about how you can keep others safe all year long.

The Techweek Gives campaign, powered by uBack, is working to raise $1 million and commit 10,000 volunteer hours in 90 days. To learn more, click here.

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