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This powerful advocate is changing women's lives for good

August 22, 2017
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Organizations that empower women are near and dear to us at uBack. We were founded by two driven and successful women, and every day we see the work women across the country are doing to make their businesses and communities stronger.

Given all that, we were thrilled to talk with Jane Mosbacher Morris, the founder and CEO of To The Market. The business she has created helps vulnerable female artisans become economically empowered "through the dignity of work." 

To The Market is an extension of the life-changing work Jane has been doing for years prior to launch. She was the director of humanitarian action for the McCain Institute for International Leadership, where she managed the anti-human trafficking program. She also worked in the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Counterterrorism and in the Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues. 

So yeah, we were impressed. 

We wanted to know more about Jane and what drives her. So as part of our My Passion, My Purpose series, we asked her a few questions about who she is and why she gives. 

Q: Who are you, in 3 words? Joyful. Determined. Loved.

Q: As a kid, you wanted to be: A musical theater actress : )

Q: Your first 8 seconds of good: Putting money in the church collection plate.

Q: Your most recent 8 seconds of good: Donating to the foundation of Marty Sklar, one of Walt Disney's right-hand men.  He was truly a creative genius.  He recently passed away and I wanted to thank his family for him inspiring me!

Q: What good will you do next? Buy another cup of fair trade coffee. 

Q: Your passion: Building a socially-inspired business that creates and sustains jobs for vulnerable communities (TO THE MARKET!)

Q: Your purpose: Serving others.

Q: Who do you challenge next? Bethany Tran, founder of The Root Collective

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