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Two Simple Steps to Take to Reach the Mobile Donor

July 13, 2016
mobile donors

Do your donors know how easy it is to donate through uBack?

As fundraising professionals, most of us are time and resource strapped and the thought of adding a new tool to your process, frankly, makes your head hurt.  We get it. However, don’t think of uBack as another tool. Think of it as a way to extend the power you have to reach your donor.

The average American checks their phone 46 times a day, and this increases to a staggering 74 times per day among young millennials (18-24). That’s a lot and it represents an incredible opportunity to stay connected to your donors, beyond your standard events and fundraising campaigns. Keep your nonprofit top-of-mind by reminding your donors how easily they can support your organization right through their phones.

Here are two key steps you can take to keep uBack top of mind with your donors:

  1. 1. Embed the uBack logo onto your website and link it to the App Store or Google Play so your donors can easily access and download. We’ve made it easy to copy and paste the embed code with this link.
  2. 2. Make sure the uBack logo is included in all of your marketing print materials, including both everyday use and targeted event print and web marketing materials. In most cases, this can be as simple as adding the uBack button onto the payment portion of your materials.

Here is a short list of digital and printed communication you may want to consider:

      -Print Ads
      -Mobile and Web Ads
      -Informational Pamphlets and Handouts
      -Company Correspondence
      -Email Signatures

Learn What Makes uBack different from other tools you may be using.
Help us extend your donor reach. Download our Featured Guide Here:


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