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Spring cleaning? Hold a ‘nearly new’ auction

May 09, 2017
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With so many spring auctions popping up this time of year we thought we’d take a look at how you can give back by holding a charity auction. Charity auctions are inexpensive, simple to set up and can raise a significant amount of money for your favorite nonprofits. They’re also a great way for your staff to support a good cause and update their personal wardrobe or inventory at the same time.

Here are few ways you can make the most out of a spring auction -- and as always, make sure to log all of your donations on the Techweek Gives website so that you can increase your standings on the leaderboard.

Live or silent

First, you’ll have to decide on the right format for your auction. Most auctions either fall into one of two categories: live or silent. If you plan on holding a live auction, assign someone to be your auctioneer. He or she will call out auction items and take live bids. You can even create your own bid paddles to share with attendees. But if it’s a busy week and you’re pressed for time, consider a silent auction. Simply display all of your auction items in an open area in your office and assign an auction deadline. Then, wait for participants to place their bids on a sheet of paper and collect the biddings by the deadline; whoever has the highest bid on a certain item gets to take it home with them!

Generate buzz

Once you know what kind of auction you’re hosting, get the word out. Make a company-wide announcement asking your staff to donate their gently worn clothes or barely used items. As the donations roll in, you can start to tease some of the auction items in advance. Think about sending out pictures of the donated items you’ve collected to generate interest and promote your auction.

Choose your charities

After you’ve decided on an auction format and solicited a good number of item, all that’s left to do is to choose the right charity. You can either donate all your auction proceedings to one organization or spread them out between multiple nonprofits. Better yet, you can even offer some names and have your employees choose the ones that align most with the causes they support. If you don’t have charities in mind just yet, stop by the Techweek Gives’ nonprofits page for a list of organizations that could benefit from your donations.

There are many ways to give back to your community, but a spring charity auction is one of the simplest and most affordable means to raise money for your favorite nonprofits. Next time you’re thinking about a fun way to give back, think about holding an office auction.

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