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4 Ways to Simplify Your Employee Giving Campaign

March 10, 2016


Employee giving campaigns can get complicated. Between the effort to get employees engaged to ensure that the money gets to the right place, even the best intended corporate giving campaigns can create headaches. Make them easier! Here are four ways to simplify your employee giving campaign.

  1. Get Rid of the Paper 

Honestly, it’s easier. Find an electronic solution that does the work for you. We’re obviously partial to our own solution, but we’re also on a mission. Stop the paper madness. No one is paying with paper anymore. Let go of the pledge cards and forms. There’s an easier way. Find an electronic solution that makes it easy for your employees to participate in workplace giving, and for you to coordinate.

  1. Use Mobile

How many of your employees are on their phones all day long? Whether it’s texting, work calls or responding to emails during conference calls, (guilty?) they’re using their phones constantly. Tap into that behavior. Make it easy for your team members to give by providing a mobile option.

  1. Think Small

No, that’s not a typo. For some employees, it may be easier for them to give smaller amounts more frequently in a workplace giving campaign. Five $20 gifts may be easier to handle than a one-time $100 donation. Offer a way for them to spread out their donation with a recurring payment option.

  1. Don’t Forget the Backend

A lot of solutions may appear simple for the donor, but create a nightmare on the back-end. Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure any campaign you organize has a simple way to:

  • -Coordinate the corporate match
  • -Ensure the money actually gets to the charity without a lot of overhead
  • -Easily provides a way to documents donations for tax purposes.

When they’re easier to execute, employee giving campaigns are more successful. Sometimes the easiest way to simplify your initiative is to leverage a cost-effective solution that can bring you results, without needing any ibuprofin. 

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