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Five Ways to Get More Out of uBack

August 04, 2016

Wondering how to enhance your experience with uBack?

Figuring out how to incorporate new technology into your fundraising plan can sometimes seem daunting. The good news is uBack makes it easy to draft the platform into your current strategy.  

Many of you probably signed up for uBack, downloaded the app and had wonderful visions of your organization suddenly gathering mobile donations every day of the week! Well, it’s not that easy, but the good news is that vision can become a reality. But, first, make sure you’re doing the simple things.

The uBack team is invested in your success, and want you to get the most out of using the app.

Here are five easy ways to engage donors and maximize giving with uBack:


Customize Your Profile:

Remembering to customize and regularly update your uBack profile is a great way to engage your donors by keeping them updated with the latest happening at your nonprofit. Customizing your profile allows you to include additional information about your nonprofit for potential donors. Through your uBack profile, you can customize to include a bio about your organization, links to your social media, website and contact information, news updates, and more.


Incorporate uBack:

Incorporating uBack into your marketing event and donor engagement strategy allows donors to have quick, real time donations when they engage with your outreach. Some ways to incorporate uBack would could include:

  •     Embed the uBack logo onto your website and link it to the App Store or Google Play so your donors can easily access and download.
  •      Make sure the uBack logo is on your marketing materials so your donors know how they can donate fast.
  •      Utilize uBack at your events. Donors at your event have your organization at top of mind; make sure you’re capitalizing on their philanthropic impulses through uBack.  

Let us know what you’re looking to do, and we are happy to review a donor engagement strategy with you.


Push Notifications:

Enable and use push notifications to let donors know about your latest updates, news and events. By sending a message to their phones and tablets, it’s an easy way to make sure your donors know about the latest that is happening with your nonprofit and how they can donate and get involved. Push notifications can also be set up to send in advance. Download our easy-to-use checklist to start setting up notifications for your donors.

Social Media:

Make sure to consistently update social media messages about how donors can utilize and share through uBack. This way, donors have a reminder about quick and easy ways to give to your nonprofit. Here are some sample social media messages to get you started!


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