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Meet the man giving angels to people with cancer

August 29, 2017
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When Jonny Imerman was 26 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  

He was never alone in his fight. He had friends and family to support him the whole way through. But he wanted someone to talk to who would truly understand what he was going through. Someone who was young. With the same type of cancer. Who had already fought and won a battle with the disease. 

Jonny realized he needed a cancer mentor of sorts, and so he created Imerman Angels, which "partners anyone, any age, any gender, anywhere and any cancer type seeking support with someone just like them." (You can learn more here, and donate to the cause via uBack.)  

It's an incredible mission, and it made us want to know more about the man behind it. So as part of our My Passion, My Purpose series, we asked Jonny a few questions about who he is and why he gives.  

Who are you, in 3 words? Lover of PEOPLE 

As a kid, you wanted to be: Doctor (yeah that really had a chance.. !! Not even close!) 

Your first 8 seconds of goodThe first time I spent time with and connected with another young person who was in chemo — BOOM!! INSTANT CONNECTION!!  Um... addicting!! 

Your most recent 8 seconds of good:  Watching our IA team members who are smarter than me with amazing skills and passion get down to work and HELP so many in the fight!! BOOM!! LOVE IT!! They FIRE me up!! 

What good will you do next? I want to find a way to help all good causes raise the awareness and funds they need to DO their missions!!! 

Your passion:  Connecting with living animals is #1!! No question. 

Your purpose:   Working on social-minded causes like Imerman Angels, 1:1 peer cancer support!! 

Who do you challenge next?   Myself!  I'm my biggest competition and I need to get a wayyyyyyy, way  better!!

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