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The Gift of Giving During the Workday: How to Engage Your Employees in Employee Giving

February 25, 2016

When you think of the things employees most dread, the pressure to donate money to the annual giving campaign is likely at the top of the list. A recent article outlined the seven things bosses should never do. Coming in at number three is when supervisors, “pressure employees to make charitable donations.” Author Jeff Haden writes, “What employees do with their money is their business, not yours. Make sure they are allowed to feel that way."

It’s true that the employee giving and workplace giving campaigns have received a bad rap. The pressure that “big brother bosses” are tallying what you are giving to the annual campaign has tainted their image. Despite that, giving campaigns do a lot of good in communities and are a great way to foster engagement and a sense of purpose into the workday.

If you’re charged with organizing one of these campaigns, you have the not-so-easy task of crushing this stereotype and getting your team excited about the initiative. We believe that there are three simple steps you can take to engage your team members in employee giving campaigns.

  1. Offer a Choice

People work hard for their money. They don’t want to feel forced to give to a particular organization when they may want to support an alternative cause they’re more passionate about. One way to build engagement in your campaign is to offer a choice in causes. Choosing a mobile giving partner that also allows the donor to choose where their money goes can make a big impact. When people feel like they’re able to choose where their money goes and, at the same time, allocate company money to the cause as well, they’ll be more invested in the campaign. 

  1. Make it Easy

Your employees are busy. If it’s not easy for them to support the campaign, engagement will quickly fall flat. Leveraging mobile capabilities is one way you can collect money seamlessly from employees. If they can donate with just a couple of screen taps, it will be much easier for them to give and engage with the campaign. Ensure your mobile capabilities not only make it easy on the employees, but also on you with easy tracking and reporting integrations on the back-end.

  1. Leverage Social

There’s no better way to build engagement than to tap into networks people are engaging with every day. Create a hashtag around your campaign and encourage employees to share their donations and other team members to do the same. Public networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can not only build engagement for employees, they can drive additional publicity for the campaign and the organization.

When you launch this year’s employee giving campaign, take the time to think about engagement. Making a few simple changes can yield big results.


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