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Why your Employees aren’t Participating in the Corporate Match

March 07, 2016

Why Your Employees aren’t using the Company Match

A company match opportunity is a great way for employees to gain even more support for the causes they care about. Unfortunately, these matches aren’t effectively leveraged by employees. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of such a great opportunity?

Well, we’ve talked to a lot of donors, a lot of charities, even people who run employee giving campaigns. Here’s our point of view:

The Paperwork

Unfortunately, even some of the most progressive companies are still dealing with cumbersome process when it comes to employee giving campaigns and corporate match opportunities. Many times, the employee has to submit the paperwork or additional electronic records, get the right information from the charity and make sure the loop is closed and that match actually makes its way to the charity.

The whole process is tedious, not intuitive, and incredibly long. As a result, employees fail to take advantage of the opportunity. The company can’t support the employee’s causes and what’s left is a program that looks good in the employee handbook, but never gets any traction.

There’s a better way.

By using a mobile app that (1) makes it easy for your employees and (2) can support the rigor on the backend to make it simple for the employee campaign organizer, you can drive efficiency and increase participation in the match. There is a 25% - 57% increase in donations when nonprofits use uBack in employee giving campaigns as compared to those without uBack.

Employees will be easily distracted if it’s not easy to give. The mobile app allows employees to support the causes they care about with just a couple of screen taps. With uBack, there is also a way to easily code donations so that employee donations can be identified and a corporate match can be easily tracked – in real-time.

Communicate the Opportunity

You can also increase participation by communicating about the corporate match opportunity. Promote the causes the match is supporting throughout the year. Include the company match donations in the company’s internal newsletter (e.g., This month, several employees took advantage of the corporate match! Donations were made to the YMCA, American Red Cross, etc…)

Increasing participation in the corporate match comes down to two things – (1) a platform that makes it easy for the employee to give and the company to organize and (2) a great communication plan.

If you handle the communication, uBack can take care of the rest!

See how uBack can help your workplace giving campaigns.

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