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Corporate Giving Made Easy - Make this Move & Improve Employee Engagement

March 10, 2016

Without employees participating in your workplace giving campaign, it’s hard to call it a success. Too often, these campaigns start with a lot of hoopla, but fall flat due to a lack of engagement.

The one thing you can do to keep the momentum going and encourage participation throughout your company is to simplify workplace giving with a mobile app.

From shopping, to banking to communicating, we use our mobile phones for virtually everything. We’re engaged with them throughout the day. You can improve engagement with your own workplace giving campaign if you draft into that behavior.

Why a Mobile App Makes It Easy

Your employees can support the campaign in seconds, anytime, anyplace. While they’re waiting in line for coffee or waiting for their colleagues to join the conference call, they can quickly support the campaign with three screen taps.

A mobile app makes the user experience easy. Gone are the cumbersome paper processes, the forms and the nonstop emails asking for people to fill out “the attached pdf”.  Social shares and push notifications make it easy for employees to engage with the campaign. With an easy user experience, employees will not only participate, they can encourage their colleagues and social network to do the same.

Mobile – Easier Said than Done

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t have time to launch a mobile giving campaign. You already have the paperwork set up. You’re ready to go. But, stop and think.  How good is all that effort if you don’t have employee engagement?

We promise with the right mobile solution for your corporate giving campaign, you’ll gladly be throwing your paperwork away. uBack has the rigor on the backend to seamlessly support your giving initiatives, while making it easy for the employees.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started!

See how uBack can help your workplace giving campaigns.

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