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How to Make Your Golf Tournament Sponsors Happy

December 17, 2015

Charity golf tournaments can be great fundraisers for many organizations. With much of the overhead costs donated, nonprofits especially can earn much-needed funds with these tournaments. People don’t mind paying money for a fun afternoon of golf.

These events are also an effective way to fortify partnerships with sponsors. As you plan your event, consider this important question:

How are we making our participants aware of the corporate sponsorships on the day of the event?

Hole flags, tee markers, and thank-you speeches all provide sponsorship visibility. However, these techniques are nothing out of the ordinary. It’s what every charity golf tournament does. Our bet is your sponsors get asked to support a lot of golf tournaments. Figure out ways you can increase visibility for your sponsors on the day of the event. If it’s a car dealership, maybe you soup up the golf carts with logos and hand-outs. A mobile giving app can also increase visibility on that day. Here are three ideas using a mobile app to get your sponsors’ brands out there.

  • Corporate Mulligan Matches

With a mobile app, players can purchase mulligans on the course. It’s a great way to raise extra money when they’re away from the clubhouse and hook a drive. Leverage a corporate match with your mulligans, and promote it with the app. For example, “State Bank will match every mulligan purchase you make today with a donation to our cause.” A golfer is pretty likely to remember when she needed that mulligan, and therefore, State Bank by association.

  • QR Codes

QR code signage can help push your page on the app. Grab attendee attention by using catchy phrasing that encourages downloads and engagement with your mobile app platform. Let us give you an example using our app and the car dealership from above. You use signage that shows the dealership logo with the words, “The best drives are the ones that give back. Scan the QR code and find out why we uBack!”

Measurement and Impact

Sponsors want to know that their money is making an impact, in terms of your cause and their brands. Make sure you have tools capable of providing solid metrics that you can report to the sponsors after the event.

  • Use the app to leverage social networking. Integration with social networks allows a golfer to share, tweet, or post about his participation in your tournament. And of course when he posts, it includes the sponsor’s information, referring traffic to the company’s site, as well as increasing mentions and engagement with its brand.

  • Use sponsor logos to promote app downloads and donations. For example, “This week Smith Hardware will match every donation you make to Oak City High School.”

These activities allow you to report some real numbers (traffic on social media and the number of downloads) to show sponsors the visibility your event provides. Reporting metrics helps your organization develop repeat tournament sponsors and recruit new ones for future events.

A golf tournament can be a fun way to drive engagement with donors, as well as develop new supporters. However, don’t take the corporate participation for granted. Take the extra steps needed to provide measurable visibility, and you’ll have happy sponsors and stronger corporate relationships.


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