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5 fun ways to increase employee engagement in corporate giving

April 17, 2017
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We know what you're thinking: Isn't the level of fun in our photo a little extreme? Not necessarily. Your employees are passionate people. If you get them engaged in corporate giving, anything is possible.  

Look beyond the basics with your campaign and determine what you can coordinate to build sustainable involvement in your corporate giving efforts. We've got a few ideas to get you started. 

Launch a Social Photo Challenge

Using social networks can be a great way to build engagement, but you need to think beyond just asking your team members to share the campaign. Ask them to take photos of themselves giving back.  Or, come up with a fun photo prop and have employees take pictures with that. Perhaps a “Flat CEO” that travels or a cardboard picture frame with the campaign’s theme on it. Consider making an additional company donation for every photo shared.

Challenge Leadership

If your leadership embraces the campaign, your employees are more likely to do the same. A great way to build employee engagement is to build in challenges with your key leadership. You could go “carnival” with a boss dunking booth or try a “get out of jail” promotion with your key leadership. A cooking competition where employees donate to vote and executives cook can also be a fun way to pass the lunch hour and demonstrate leadership involvement.

Build Competition

Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? Encourage that competition among office locations or team members by setting giving goals or volunteer challenges. Figure out a way to build gamification into the campaign. Communicate the standings regularly to encourage involvement, friendly competition and bragging rights.

Give Prizes

Think beyond just giving prizes for the person who gives the most. Build giveaways into the entire campaign to drive momentum. Give a prize for the person who signs up first for volunteer days, leverages the corporate match before anyone else, or has the most social shares in a week.

Go Casual Day

If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you understand the ability to go to work in a pair of jeans can be a glorious thing. Try sponsoring a dress-down day in exchange for donations, and have each employee pay $10, $20, or $30 for the right to wear jeans.

These are just a few ideas. Test them out and see what works best for your company, or get creative and try something totally new. If you have fun with it, chances are your employees will, too. 

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